Tips For Buying Cigars For Your Wedding

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Tips For Buying Cigars For Your Wedding

23 February 2021
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When you're planning your wedding, it's important to think about all of the ways that you can make the reception enjoyable for your guests. While there are a lot of options to consider, one idea is to provide cigars that you and some of your guests can smoke. Many people will likely be interested, and it can be a fun memory to stand outside of the venue and enjoy some cigars with family and friends. If you're proceeding with this idea, you'll want to buy your cigars at a shop that has a wide variety of options, as this will allow you to find the right cigars for the occasion. Here are some tips that you should remember as you shop.

Mild Flavor

It's important to understand that there will likely be some first-time cigar smokers at your wedding. These are people who choose to smoke a cigar to celebrate the occasion, but who don't otherwise have any experience with smoking. To ensure that the experience is as pleasant as possible for these individuals, you'll want to choose cigars that have a mild flavor. A product with a full-bodied flavor may simply be too much for the first-timers in attendance. A salesperson at your cigar shop can suggest some mild-tasting options that should have wide appeal.

Shorter Smoking Time

The time that it takes to smoke a cigar depends on several factors, including the cigar itself. Those that are thicker and longer will require more time than those that are thinner and shorter. In the context of a wedding, cigars that require less time to smoke can generally be a good idea. While it will be fun to step outside for a smoke, you might not want to be away from the party for too long. Talk to a salesperson about this topic, and they'll be able to suggest cigars that you and your guests can smoke in a relatively short amount of time.


Cigars can vary significantly in cost, and this is something that you'll need to keep in mind when you buy cigars for your wedding reception. Think about how many people you expect to partake — perhaps you ask people to confirm on their RSVP cards whether they wish to enjoy a cigar — and then consider your overall wedding budget. While you don't want to buy the cheapest cigars on the market, you'll likely also want to stay away from those that are higher priced. There are plenty of quality cigars that are affordable, and taking this approach should allow you to stay within your wedding budget.

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