Tips To Preserve And Maintain Your Glass Pipes

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Tips To Preserve And Maintain Your Glass Pipes

30 July 2017
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Smokers enjoy the unadulterated flavor and smooth inhale of a glass pipe. These are found widely, in a range of cool styles, sizes, and shapes. If you are concerned that glass could be a bit too delicate for you, there are ways to preserve your pipe and prevent the glass from becoming cracked or broken.

Some tips for preserving and maintaining your glass pipes include:

Keep them clean. Don't let your glass pipe become too dirty as this build-up can lead to damage during use. Plus, the smoking experience will be more pleasant when you use a fresh, clean pipe as opposed to one that is coated with burnt-on residue. To clean your glass pipes, soak in rubbing-alcohol and salt for a few hours; rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

Keep an eye on the temperature. Glass is more vulnerable to damage in extreme temperatures. If you store your pipe in a cold environment or use it outside during chilly weather, make sure the pipe is completely dry to prevent breakage. Even a couple drops of water can freeze and cause the glass to crack, rendering your pipe useless.

Use a pipe-rack. Invest in a pipe-rack, found widely online, to protect and display your pipes when not in use.

Watch where you put it. Watch where you place your pipe.  Don't set or lay your glass pipe on the edge of a table or counter where there is a good chance it could get knocked-off and break.

Buy a protective case. Check online sellers for protective cases that will keep the glass safe when not in use- which is when the glass pipe is most likely to get broken! These may be silicone sleeves or other devices that provide a buffer between the pipe and any hard surface that you may set it on or store it in.

Leave it home. Protect your glass pipe by keeping it at home. If you smoke on the go, use a different pipe made from wood, stone, or clay, and leave your more delicate glass pipes safely at home where there is less chance of it being dropped or damaged.

Check out your options. Visit sellers and sites to find 'unbreakable' Pyrex glass pipes that will withstand great pressure and even being dropped on hard surfaces. While there is no guarantee, these may provide a bit more resilience for those that are hard on their smoking devices.

Use these tips to preserve your glass pipes and to ensure that they don't become broken or damaged. Glass pipes provide a smooth smoking experience; protect your pipe!